9. How will you expose your forum?


The traffic to your forum is key for it to be a successful forum therefore it is very important that it is exposed to your visitors by having links set up correctly. Think through how you want to expose the forum and feel free to get help from us.

There are at least two places where your forum should be on your website: On the contact us page and in the footer of the start page. But the rule of thumb is really: Where all the other contact information is, the forum should also be there. Do not forget to link to the forum in your app, if you have one.

Think about how your visitors behave on your site. How do they contact you and HOW do you want them to contact you?

Inspiration of how to maximize the exposure of your forum

The header

The footer

Contact us

In your F&Q

If you also use Kundo Helpcenter, you can integrate Kundo Forum into the Helpcenter as shown below

Tabs on the website

It is also recommended to use a tab on your website as shown below. It is normally utilized on the entire webpage to maximize visibility.

Mail & Chatt

Refer to guides and posts in your forum when replying to emails and chats, build the habit to visit the forum before asking customer service to avoid answering the same question again and again.
Don't forget to use canned responses in both Kundo Mail and Kundo Chat so that you can refer your customers to the forum with ease.


Refer to the forum in any newsletter or onboarding emails to customers, don't forget to include the link to the forum!


Do you have an automated voice when there's a queue in the phone lines? Add a new segment to inform the caller of the existence of your forum!

Email signature & acknowledgement of receipt

You can also use the email signature and acknowledgement of receipt as a way to market your forum.
If you use Kundo Mail, you can follow these guides to change your signature as well as your acknowledgement.