2. Activate receipt confirmation and case number


Let your customer know that you have received their email by using our Acknowledgement of receipt & case number functionality

A receipt is sent to the customers when they email you. The receipt usually contain the expected response time, opening hours and possibly a case number. This feature is optional to use.

To activate an acknowledgement of receipt in Kundo Mail:

  1. Click on the the three lines in the blue menu
  2. Select Settings for the correct channel
  3. Choose Acknowledgement of receipt & case number
  4. Tick the box to Activate delivery confirmation
  5. Enter the Subject of the automatic reply
  6. Add the Text in the automatic reply

There are several different shortcuts to use in the acknowledgment of receipt. You can enter them in the subject line and body text to retrieve certain information:

{title} - copies the subject's subject line

{text} - copies the customer's email

{ticket} - copies the customer's case number, see below how to activate this

Case number

In the same setting page you can also Activate ticket numbers

It is also possible to exclude certain email addresses in Exceptions that should not receive a receipt e.g. internal emails that are sent to your inbox in Kundo.

Enter the email addresses that should not receive the acknowledgement of receipt, you can use the wildcard feature for a broader matching e.g. *@company.com - this will exclude all emails from that company.