1. Create signatures: for the team and individual ones


Signatures for the inboxes are divided into two parts: a common signature for the whole group and an individual signature for users.

Set the common signature:

  1. Click on the three lines in the blue menu
  2. Choose Settings for the correct channel
  3. Click on Common signature
  4. Create the common signature, standard is to include company logo, adress, website etc.
  5. Don't forget Save

Please note: If you have multiple inboxes you have to set the common signature for each inbox.

Set a personal signature for each user

You can either set up signatures for your colleagues or each user is responsible for their own set up.

Setting the personal signature for your colleagues

  1. Click on the three lines in the blue menu (see previous picture) and choose the right channel
  2. Choose Editors and you will see this view:
  3. Click on Settings and find the correct inbox that you are currently setting up.
  4. Add the personal signature, standard is to have name and title. You can use {name} & {title} and Kundo will automatically insert the correct name and title of the user. 
  5. Click Save changes and redo for any additional user.

To create your own personal signature, simply click on your profile picture in the dashboard and you will get straight in to your personal settings.

If you choose to have both a common and an individual signature, the personal signature will always be at the top, followed by the common signature below.

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