4. Set your opening hours and response time


In Kundo, you can to set your opening hours and set an expected response time. There are two reasons for doing this: You get statistics about your response time based on your opening hours and you also get a reminder when the expected response time has passed.

There is two measuring points you can see in the statistics:

Waiting time: Starts counting from the time your customer send you an email and until you respond. Counts all hours of the day and does not exclude e.g., evenings and weekend.

Response time: Excludes the time outside your opening hours and shows what percentage of your emails that receives a response within your expected response time.

To set opening hours and the expected response time:

1. Click on the three lines in the blue menu

2. Select Settings for the correct channel

3. Choose Response times

4. Set your Opening times

5. Set the Expected response time. Please note that if your expected response time is set to 8 hours, a response time should be given within 8 hours during opening hours. If you don't answer an email within those 8 hours a warning triangle will appear next to the email in your dashboard.

6. Don't forget to Save!

Please note that if you have several inboxes you need to set a response time for each inbox.