3. Create canned responses


Canned responses is a great feature for streamlining and quality assuring your answers.

Canned responses usually include standard answers to recurring questions, templates, documents or references to the website or other channels. The canned responses can easily be inserted when answering an email and is shared by everyone who has access to the channel.

To create canned responses in an inbox:

  1. Click on the three lines in the blue meny
  2. Select Settings for the correct channel
  3. Click on Canned responses
  4. Name is the internal name for the canned response i.e. not visible for the customer. Make the name as clear as possible so that it is easy to find it in the search function when users are answering emails
  5. Create your canned response. (This can be edited when using it in an email).
  6. Don't forget to click Save

You can now see your canned responses in the same page as you are creating them.

The canned responses are now ready to be used when you are sending emails from Kundo Dashboard.