👍 Set up a tag strategy


Set up a tag strategy

In Kundo Forum you have the opportunity to tag all posts from your visitors and customers. The purpose of this is to give you an overview of what your forum posts are about, but also make it easier for your visitors to find answers to their question.

Types of tags

The first step is to decide what type of tags you want to use. There are three different types of tags with different uses. To choose the most suitable for you start by clicking on the three lines in the blue list and then select settings for your forum.

Once you are in the forum's settings, you navigate via the menu to the left to the section "Authorization & Log ins". Here you will have the opportunity to decide what type of tags you want to use by clicking in the matching checkbox as shown below

  • Private tags are only visible to the users inside Kundo and never to the visitors. The private tags are used primarily for statistics and internal follow-up.
    Example: After a while it turns out that most of your forum posts are tagged with "Questions about delivery time". Then you have an excellent case where you should clarify the expected delivery times on your website so the customer service relives from these questions, and also provide your customers a clearer picture of expectations
  • Public tags are used both for statistical purposes and to categorize similar questions together. The tags will be visible and clickable in the related post that is published, so you should be a little more restrictive in the types of tags you create. Tags such as "Displeased customer" should therefore not be used. An excellent use would be to collect several posts in one and the same tag, if a post is tagged with the tag "Winter Campaign" then your visitors can click on the tag and see which other posts are included in your winter campaign.
  • Searchable tags are used for statistics but these tags also facilitate your visitors' search for posts that match their query. When a visitor searches for, or writes new posts, Kundo will recommend similar posts based on both the content in the posts but also the tags you have tagged the post with. If an existing post asks if you use Klarna, you can tag the post with "Invoice" so that every time a user searches for an answer to "invoice", your post is shown, even if the word "invoice" is never mentioned in the post.

As soon as you have decided which type of tag suits you, you click in the correct checkbox, scroll to the bottom and click on "save".

Create tags on the go

You have the opportunity to let your users create their own tags when they answer to actual posts. If you use searchable tags then it's recommended to allow this. Just keep in mind to be careful and not create duplicates in the form of "Invoice Questions" and "Invoicing Questions"

Navigate to the forum's settings and click on "Tags" in the menu on the left and decide whether new tags can be created when users reply to posts or not. Don't forget to save!

Create predefined tags

A good start to get started with tags is to create a number of predefined tags. This is of course also a requirement if you choose not to allow users to create tags when they are working on issues

Start by clicking on the menu followed by the forum tags as shown in the image below

You will then be taken to the page to where you can create, edit, merge and delete existing tags.

  1. To create a tag, you just enter the name of the tag. Keep in mind that if you have selected public tags, this is also the name that will be visible on the forum. If you have selected searchable tags, then this is also the tag name that will be searchable
  2. As soon as you are happy with the name of the tag, click save and you are done 
  3. In addition to the ability to create new tags, you can also get an overview of existing tags and how many posts they are used in. You can also choose to delete, edit and merge tags

You are now ready to tag posts!