4. Decide which categories you want in the forum


The categories in a forum help your visitors get a better overview and simplify navigation. The categories will also help you sort through the questions that come in. 

Kundo forum comes with four standard categories: Common questions, Popular suggestions, Common problems and Praise. You can use them or adapt the categories to suit your forum.

1. Click on the three lines in the blue menu

2. Select Settings for the correct channel

3. Choose Categories

4. Heading: What is the name of the category that will be displayed on the homepage?

5. Category name: What will this category be called when visitors are to select a category for new posts and for filtering by category?

6. Name on link for all posts: A category shows a maximum 4 posts on the homepage and underneath there will be a link to direct the visitor to more guides within in the same category -  this is where you choose the name on that link.

7. Display category on homepage: If this box is checked the category will be visible on your home page if there are posts in it. The reason for unchecking that box may be to temporarily disable a campaign category, e.g. Christmas or easter. Keep in mind that posts in the category are still searchable if they are not archived.

8. Category is available for new posts: Will you allow visitors to post questions in the category. If you have a 'News Category' or another type of category where you post your own posts you can block visitors from choosing this category by leaving it unchecked. All categories are always allowed for users to post in.

9. Sort posts by date of publication: If you want the posts to be in chronological order, so that the newest question in that category ends up at the top you check this box. This works extra well if you have a category you call e.g. "Current" or "Latest news", where  you post your own information. If you leave it unchecked the posts will be ranked by popularity.

10. Icon: Kundo's default icons are "?" but we recommend customizing them to fit your categories. You can upload any icons that is suitable for you as long as they fit the technical requirements.

11. Save!

We recommend that you do not have more than 8 categories, after that it starts to be a lot for a visitor to scroll through. The categories in the forum are sorted from left to right according to:

1, 2

3, 4

5, 6

How do you want to rank your posts?

Each category can contain any number of posts, but only four posts will be visible on the home page. There are two different options for sorting which four posts should be visible.

Sort by popularity

The ranking in the categories here is based on popularity (most page views), the posts that have the most visits are the posts that end up at the top of each category. The number of comments in the conversations does not matter, although it can sometimes go hand in hand if there are many who are involved in the same conversation. The reason why it is sorted in this way is that the posts with the most views are the questions most people wonder about i.e., the most relevant and should therefore be visible at the top. You can read more about how we calculate page views here.

There is also an age parameter built-in (which you can set yourself how sensitive it should be) which means that older posts need more views than new ones, which makes the forum more relevant and up-to-date. You make this setting via settings -> Age and relevance directly in Kundo.

Sort by date

You can also choose to sort the posts in chronological order, so that the newest question in that category ends up at the top instead. This is good if you have a category for e.g., "Current" or "Latest news", where you post your own information.

As a rule, the category is sorted as in option one, but it is possible to change via the check box under settings.