5. Create canned responses


Canned responses is a great tool for streamlining and quality assuring your answers. Using canned responses in your chat will allow you give answers quick and still maintain good customer service!

Creating canned responses:

1. Click on the three blue lines in the blue menu

2. Select Settings for the correct channel

3. Choose Canned responses

4. The Name is for internal use, make it clear what the canned response is about in the name. Create your canned response in the Text box, remember to not make them to long as chat conversations are normally fast and brief.

5. Don't forget to Save!

6. You can see all of your canned responses on the same page as you created them and you can always delete or edit them to keep it relevant.

To get you started we have complied a guide with some good canned responses that's usable.

Please note that each chat flow have their own canned responses. If each chat flow requires the same canned responses they need to be added in each chat flow.