8. Display rules - how should the chat be displayed?


In Display rules you decide how you want the chat displayed on your website: which pages should the chat be, should it pop-up automatically at some stage or do the visitor actively have to press the chat button? 

1. Click on the three lines in the blue menu

2. Select Settings for the correct channel

3. Choose Display rules

4. Enter the pages of your website in Path where the chat should be displayed. If you use astrix "*", the chat will appear on all subpages. 

  • https://website.com - will only show the chat on that particular page
  • https://website.com/customerservice will only show the chat on that specific subpage
  • https://website.com/* will show the chat on all subpages on the website

Keep in mind that your website can be both with and without "www" in the address. In this case, you need to enter double display rules, a display rule with "www" and one without.

5. Automatically start the chat after a specified time, starting after one second up to five minutes. 

6. Don't forget to Save!

Please note that once you have posted the script on your site, then the chat will appear immediately as soon as you enter the correct viewing rules and someone goes online. Feel free to wait until after the training before you enter the rules!

Recommended guidelines for display rules

Chat on the homepage: If you have a chat on the homepage , there can be a fairly high influx of chats that you might not have received otherwise. For example, questions that the customers themselves would otherwise have found answers to by clicking on the site.

Kundo recommends: Show the chat only on the pages where you usually get questions such as My pages or Customer service. To have the chat on e.g. a press or job page, may not be as relevant.

Chat that starts automatically: If you have a chat that pops up automatically, there are two scenarios that can occur: The number of chats increases, and there can be quite a high pressure of "unnecessary" chats. Your customers may also find that you are a little too "on" and persistent if they constantly get a chat that pops up automatically when they visit your site. However, it can be an excellent alternative for e.g. purchase flows where you help the customer "into goals". 

Kundo recommends: The chat should start automatically at the right time e.g. in a purchase or registration flow, where you want the customer to buy something or register for a service. Because the purpose of this page is different from pure customer service and instead becomes a way to increase a possible sale.

If you have any questions please contact your Customer Success Manager or email customer@kundo.se