3. Set up the flow settings


In Flow settings you set up general settings for the chat. 

1. Click on the three lines in the blue menu

2. Select Settings for the correct channel

3. Choose Flow settings

  • Show profile image of editors: Choose if you want the editor's profile picture to be visible or not when chatting to a visitor.
  • Show the chat button even when no editor is available: Good for when you want to be available when you are not online by letting customers send a message instead. Or if you have Kundo Forum/Knowledge and will be using the chat assistent .
  • Allow visitors to send messages: If no editor is available to answer, you can allow them to send a message instead. If you want to allow this, enter the email adress that messages should be sent to.
  •  Visitors can send images and files: Tick the box if you will allow your visitors to send pictures and files. As an editor you can always send pictures and files.
  • Guests must write Name and Email to chat: Choose if a visitor has to enter name and email to chat or if they can be anonymous.
  • Save email address for anonymous chats: For anonymous chats, the visitor does not have to fill in their e-mail address to chat with you. At the end of the chat, the visitor can choose to have the chat sent to them and must then fill in their emailadress. Tick this box if you want to save those email addresses.
  • Delete chat data automatically: You can choose to have the chat data automatically deleted after a certain time after the chat has ended. Keep in mind that existing conversations that are older than the time limit will be deleted. However, the statistics of the chat remains.
  • Delay for automatic deletion: Fill in after how many days you want the data to be deleted from Kundo. Delete chat data automatically needs to be ticked in for this to happen.
  • Max number of chats per editor: Set a limit of how many chats each editor can handle at the same time. In each editor's profile, the editor can also set their personal settings for the number of chats. The personal setting then precedes this setting.
  • Log everyone out automatically: All editors who is logged in to the chat will be automatically logged out at the chosen time e.g., at the end of each business day.
  • Log out editors who has missed a chat: If an editors missed a chat they will be automatically set as not available.

Read more about Que management and Chat assistent  , these functionalities are not included in all accounts. If you are interested in hearing more contact your Customer Success Manager or email customer@kundo.se