4. Add texts to the chat


There are a lot of fixed texts in your chat that need to be set.

1. Click in the three lines in the blue menu

2. Select Settings for the correct channel

3. Choose Texts

  • Internal name of the chat flow: The name that appears in the dashboard, not visible for customers.
  • Public name of the chat flow: The name that appears in the chat, for the visitors. See number 1 in the picture below.
  • Company name: Who is the sender of the entire chat - which company is the customer talking to?
  • Welcome text: The text that appears when the chat pops up. See number 2 in the picture below.
  • Text in the answer box: Displayed in the first box where the visitor can ask a questions when the chat opens. See 3 in picture below.
  • Start message: Message that is automatically sent as the first message when a visitor initiated a chat. See number 4 in picture below.

  • Message when the chat is closed: If you are displaying the chat button when you are not online, you can add a message for your visitors that you are not available right now, it could include: opening hours or you can direct them where to go to get help i.e. the knowledge base or the forum if you have those modules or another way to contact you. See no.1 in picture below.
  • Text above the message form: If you are allowing your visitors to send a message when the chat is closed, this is where you can add a message to prompt them to do so e.g., 'Feel free to send a message!'
  • Message confirmation: When a customer sends a message they will receive a message, see no.3 in picture below.