What fonts can be used in a knowledge base?


If you want to reuse the font from your own website in Knowledge, there are some technical requirements for the embedding of the font to work and provide as high readability as possible.

To use the font, enter a web address (URL) for the font file. Ask someone responsible for your site for this URL.

The following font formats are supported:

  • WOFF, version 1 or 2 (recommended)
  • OTF
  • TTF

Note! The formats OTF, TTF and WOFF2 are not supported by Internet Explorer. To guarantee support for all browsers, WOFF is recommended.

For best readability, it is good to keep in mind:

  • The font should not be bold or italic.
  • Avoid using thin fonts.
  • Avoid using compressed and compact fonts.

Fonts in other formats

If the font to be used is in a different format, the font file needs to be converted, for example with Fontsquirrel's free tool.

This is how you do it

  1. Generate a URL for the font to be used.
  2. Go to the Style page for the settings for the knowledge bank.
  3. Under the Font section, enter the URLs for Headings and Body text.