What are the requirements for your own icons?


If you want to use your own icons for your categories in Forum or Knowledge, there are some technical requirements that need to be met for the icons to work and look as nice as possible.

The icons need to be in SVG format to ensure that they look good in all resolutions. Each icon must be provided as a separate SVG file. SVG files that contain multiple icons next to each other do not work.

The icons can only contain vector data (it is not possible to embed bitmap / raster data with image tags in the SVG files).

The icons need to be monochromatic, or look good even though we replace all colors with a single color. The color white also counts as a color.

The icons should keep the same margins for best results.

The icons should not contain any background as this is added automatically. We can display them in the forum's profile color against a white background, or with a white color on a circle colored in the forum's profile color. A color other than the profile color of the circle / icon can be set on the setting pages.

Using masks to hide certain information in SVG files does not work when used as icons, as these calculations are too complex. Make sure that things that are not visible in the icon are not saved in any way in the SVG file.

Avoid creating icons with letters, numbers and characters whenever possible. Icons are symbols and should be drawn.

The icons need to look good when displayed in 24x24 pixels. They should therefore not contain too small or too many details.

If the icon contains strokes, they must be converted to a shape before the icon is saved to an SVG file. If the icon consists of several different shapes, these must be merged into one shape. Here it can be a good idea to save a copy of the original file before converting the icons so you always can go back and adjust if necessary.

When the icons are entered into the system, unauthorized and unnecessary information is removed. We make sure that they adapt to the page's design in terms of colors. Feel free to contact us with questions in any of our contact channels below if there is anything that is unclear!