How do I use the search function in Kundo dashboard?


The search function in the Dashboard searches for both public and archived forum posts, emails, guides and chats.

  • To search for sentences, use "quotation marks". Kundo will then search for things that match exactly, for example if you want to search for a phrase.

    This will get hits when the whole phrase has been used, but not if only one of the words, for example password, has been used.

  • If you write  title: at the beginning of the search, Kundo only searches in the subject line in the email.

    This will get hits for emails that have the phrase "New order" in the subject line.

  • Using # you can search for case numbers.

    This will only return emails with case number #1234.

  • If you search for an e-mail address, a filtered view is displayed with all e-mails that this sender has written.

  • Kundo also searches in Comments if you write things there, e.g. an order number.
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