What dimensions are required for Knowledge wallpapers?


Kundo Knowledge uses two different wallpapers. One image for larger screens and another image for smaller screens, usually mobile phones.

The default is that the wallpapers are centered horizontally, and placed at the top of the page. When images are to be displayed in this way, these sizes apply:

  • The larger background image should preferably have a size of 3000 pixels wide and 541 pixels high.
  • The smaller background image should be at least 600 pixels wide (but preferably wider if possible) and 210 pixels high.

You can also choose to have the background image cover the entire page on large screens. Then the size should be 3000 wide and 1688 pixels high.

As the images are relatively large, it is important to consider compressing the images before uploading them so that the file size for the visitor is as small as possible. A smaller file size means that the image loads faster, which is always appreciated by visitors.

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