How do I link to a specific mail or comment?


Sometimes it can be useful to be able to link to a specific email in an email thread, a comment on a forum post or a comment from Facebook or Instagram. It makes it easier to refer to an email or a comment, for example if you need help from someone to answer a question that came in.

How to use:

  1. To get hold of the link to a specific email in an email thread, click somewhere in the email header to expand the email.

    To get the link to a comment in a forum, Instagram or Facebook, click on the time stamp.
  2. Now the address displayed in the browser's address bar has changed. Copy the address.
  3. Paste the address where you want to use it, for example in an email or in a comment in Kundo.
  4. Anyone who clicks on the link will now go directly to the correct email or comment.

One use case for linking to a specific comment could be, for example, if you need the help of several people to respond to several different comments. In the video below, we show how to do it!

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