How do I find out who did what in a conversation?


In Events, you can see certain things that happened in a conversation. The events may have occurred when an editor did something or through an automatic rule. 

In Events you can see when and by whom:

  • No reply required was selected or deselected
  • Follow up was selected or deselected
  • Priority was changed
  • Assignee was set or removed

For e-mails you can also see when and by whom: 

  • The e-mail was Forwarded 
  • The e-mail was Moved 

For forum posts you can also see when and by whom: 

  • Archived was selected or deselected
  • Lock was selected or deselected
  • Show at the top is selected
  • Do not show at the top is selected
  • The post is Created from a comment

You can access the events by clicking on the icon in the editor tools.

Note! The icon only appears if any of the above events occurred for a conversation.

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