How do I activate two-step verification in Kundo?


To increase security for your account on Kundo, you can use something called two-step verification. This means that you add an additional step to your log in process when you log in to Kundo with one time passwords from an authentication app.

  1. Download an authentification app, e.g. Google Authenticator eller 1password, on your mobile or computer.
  2. Access your user settings in Kundo by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner.

  3. Select the Security page from the list on the left.

  4. Click on the button Add to set up a new two-step verification.

  5. Pick a descriptive name for the verification and click on Continue.
  6. Create a new log in in your downloaded authentication app and scan the QR code with the app.
    If you don't know how to add a one time password, search on the apps website for more information.
  7. Insert the generated one time password from your app and click on Activate to verify the setup.

  8. The two step verification is now setup, time to test!
  9. Log out and log in again by using the generated code in your authentication app to test that your new login process works.
  10. Done! Now, remember that you need to use a one time password every time you want to log in.