7. Create a sender address in Kundo Mail with white label


White label - Send mail from Kundo with your own domain

When a new inbox have been created in Kundo, the email in Kundo is sent from the address you forward it to. If the inbox has the address work@example.com the sender email will be work.example.com@mail.kundo.se. In order for Kundo to be allowed to send mail from your real address, your IT department needs to set up DNS settings, which tell other stakeholders on the internet that Kundo has permission to send mail containing your domain.

These changes only need to be made once per domain, and therefore do not need to be made if you add new inboxes to the same domain in the future.

Please note! This is a technical guide. Usually carried out by your IT department.

Instructions of how to create a sender address in Kundo Mail with white label.