Improved SEO with Kundo Forum


The fact that Kundo Forum has a positive impact on a company’s SEO is largely due to the use of questions and answers to form the basis for search engine optimisation. Presenting questions and answers of relevance to your specific target group increases your chances of being visible on search engines like Google and capturing large quantities of the information searches conducted by your target group.

Improved SEO using Kundo Forum requires, in the first instance, having answers to questions that potential customers ask or might possibly ask. It is also necessary to take into account how Google handles websites and to adapt to this. Below are some tips to help you be successful.

Optimise questions (pages) for search terms

Because every question has a unique URL (page), this allows these pages to be optimised for specific search terms. Here are some important points to consider.

  • In order to optimise your forum for search engines, all questions in the forum should be optimised for a unique search term with the aid of question formulation. The search term should be the term that is most relevant to the particular question and answer.

  • The question formulation (heading) is both the title and H1 (main header) on the page, which are the two most important SEO objects. Must be a maximum of 65-70 characters and as informative as possible from a sales perspective. Must include the selected search term.

  • Both questions and answers should have the search term in the body text.

  • Use sub-headings for longer posts.

  • Avoid publishing identical content in multiple locations. If the answer is in another post or on your normal site, we suggest referencing this existing content instead of providing the answer in two places. 

Website structure 

A website’s internal link structure greatly affects which pages are prioritised from an SEO perspective. This means in general that links that are fewer clicks away from the start page have a higher priority than those requiring more clicks. Therefore, for the best results, there should always be clear access to your forum directly from your start page. In addition to improving SEO, this makes it easier for your visitors to find all the information they need on your website.


  • Alt attributes are the most important parameter. They describe the image for Google (and for the visually impaired). 

  • The file name/URL for the image is also important. 

  • The context, e.g. relevant image caption around the image. 

  • Search terms must be present in alt attributes, file names and image captions. 

  • Bear in mind size and quality – avoid images that are too big or heavy.

Tips for follow-up

  • Investigate which pages receive the most traffic (Google Analytics). 

  • Evaluate what questions drive traffic from Google (Google Search Console).

  • Think about what you archive! From an SEO perspective, it’s not good to archive questions that drive traffic. But naturally it’s not wrong to archive questions that are no longer relevant.

Tools for follow-up 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can show which pages drive organic traffic. It is a recommended method to determine which pages (questions) on the forum attract the most focus.

Analytics ID can easily be added to the forum’s settings page.

Google Search Console

Using Google Search Console you can track which search words/terms generate organic traffic, and see what potential there is for improvement.

The profile of the forum is created directly in your account on Google Search Console.

Answer The Public

A free service that shows what people search for related to a certain company/page. Can help in filling forums with content that is relevant to the company’s target group.

To Answer The Public


Provides suggestions for different keywords that are relevant to a company/page. Mostly for those aiming to be very proactive in optimising SEO for their forum.

To Ubersuggest 

Different domain options for your Kundo Forum

Sub-domain solution (customer.customer website.se) – Suitable for larger companies/organisations with a website with numerous strong links.

Directory on Kundo.se (kundo.se/org/customer name) – Ideal for smaller companies with a website with fewer links that want to take advantage of Kundo’s strong link equity to achieve good positions on Google with their customer forum.

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