Forum care through AHA


This guide describes how to easily keep your forum clean through AHA (Archive-Heading-Answer).


Archive the question if you answer ""yes" to any of these questions: 

  1. Is it an individual question that no one else benefits from reading the answer to? 
  2.  Is it a duplicate?
  3. Does it have racist, hateful or hurtful content?


The title or heading should help clarify what the post is about, so that those reading in the forum can find the right post. 

If you think that the post is relevant to others, start looking at the heading. Is it clear and does it describe the content? The clearer the headline is, the easier it will be to find the answer to the question.

Do not be afraid to edit the title and feel free to formulate it as a question as it will be easier to find the question. If you put work into editing the title, you can also increase the accuracy of Google searches.

Many of our customers get posts entitled "problems, help, hello!" etc. That's a headline that does not describe what the post is about. Therefore, it is relevant to edit the title.

The title can be easily edited by simply clicking on it.


Respond to the post so that it becomes as relevant to the reader as possible. Remember to respond to posts after the memory rule NCN: Nice-Clear-Nice. You get very far with that.

  • Start all posts nicely even if it may not be good news you will convey.
  • Take the most important thing first and dare to say no.
  • Always answer questions in the order the reader has written, it gives a feeling that you are listening in and actually responds to the reader personally. The personmay have had a purpose in the way questions are asked that you have no idea about.
  • Feel free to answer follow-up questions that may appear in the post, or feel free to link deeply (link keywords) and keep in mind that you can also link to another forum post that answers the question.
  • Work a lot with lists and structure content using bold subheadings and bold key words.

Important to remember

  • By regularly reviewing the forum and setting up simple routines around the forum, it will always be nurtured and it will then be easy for your readers to get answers to their questions.
  • Always delete personal information, regardless of whether a post is to be archived or published. You can always put it in notes and save it.
  • If it is a post you want to publish, remember to edit the post with some caution. Have a habit of deleting personal data or other sensitive information, but otherwise leave it as it is written by the reader. It not only gives a personal impression in your forum, but you also show consideration for those who may speak in that way or may not always spell correctly.
  • Should you think that the post is relevant, but have far too bad language, it is better to rewrite the post yourself and then publish it.

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