Statistics for Instagram Direct Messages


In Kundo's statistics, there are several ways to follow-up Instagram Direct Messages.

  • How many messages are sent in Instagram DM's by editors and customers.
  • Find out when Instagram DM's has high and low activity.

“New conversations from customers” is currently not included for Instagram DM's. This is due to a conversation containing all history with one customer. If the same customer contacts you with a new question on Instagram DM's, it will not be shown as a new conversation.

New conversations and responses from customers

All messages sent to you in Instagram DM's.

New conversations and responses by editors

All messages sent by you.

For example:

  1. Olof asks a question on Instagram DM's.

  2. One of you greets him.

  3. One of you replies to him again with an answer to his question.

  4. Olof replies with thanks.

This will be shown as:

  • 2 in “New conversations and responses from customers”.
  • 2 in “New conversations and responses from editors”.

Incoming per hour

Here you can see when your Instagram DM's has high and low activity throughout the day.

💡 Tip! “Incoming per hour” can help you determine how to best support different channels.