Statistics for the chat


In Kundo's statistics, there are several ways to follow-up your chat.

  • How many chats you have received and transferred.

  • Find out when your chat has high and low activity.

  • Response times.

  • Use tags to analyze what type of cases you manage.

  • Find out how questions have decreased or increased with the chat assistant.

What is considered a conversation?

Chats are referred to as conversations.

New conversations from customers

Number of chats you have received.

Unanswered chats

When someone messages you but no editor has replied.

The editors’ activity

How many chats every editor has managed.

Received chat

Number of chats that an editor has been active in. If a chat has been transferred manually from one editor to another, that chat is included as a received chat with both of these editors.

Missed chats

Chats that ended or transferred due to no answers from an editor in time.

What is included in the statistics?

The statistics include deleted chats.

Transferred chats

How many chats that have been transferred between editors and chat feeds.

In the statistics you can see total transferred chats over a period of time. It includes transfers to another editor within the same or between chat flows.

  1. Total number of transfers between editors within the same chat flow.

  2. Total number of transfers between chat flows.

Incoming per hour

Here you can see when your chat has high and low activity throughout the day.

💡 Tip! “Incoming per hour” can help you determine how to best support different channels.

Response times

You can see how long it took you to respond to the chats on average per day, week or month. There is also an average response time per editor. Time for automatic transfers between editors is included. Learn more about response times.


With tags you can analyze and learn more about the type of cases you manage in Kundo. Learn more about tags.

The chat assistant

By combining the availability of the chat with content from a forum, knowledge base or help center, the chat assistant guides your customers to the right information without them having to chat with you.

With the chat assistant you can follow-up:

  • How many have visited the forum/knowledge base/help center with the search suggestions.

  • How many did not use the chat.

  • How many did not message through the chat assistant.

Visits to forum/knowledge base/help center

How many visits to a forum/knowledge base/help center with the chat assistant. Note that a person who clicks on several links to the forum/knowledge base/help center will only be counted once in the statistics.

Did not proceed to chat

How many did not start a chat with the chat assistant after visiting the forum/knowledge base/help center.

Did not sent messages

How many did not send a message with the chat assistant after visiting the forum/knowledge base/help center.

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