Migrating sending of email in Kundo from the US to the EU


Kundo uses the sub processor Mailgun to reliably deliver the emails that are sent from Kundo by your organisation. Mailgun has data centers in both the US and the EU.

If you are using our product Kundo mail since before march 2020 you will by default be using the Mailgun data center in the US. Instead you will now want to switch to the EU data center to be GDPR compliant in the future.

How can I tell if this change is needed and what needs to be changed?Every inbox (Swedish: “inkorg”) in Kundo now has updated instructions regarding what changes and/or additions that your IT department needs to perform in order to enable sending emails from the EU, if you are not yet already doing so.

In the settings for each inbox you will find these updated instructions under the menu “Send & receive” (Swedish: “Skicka & ta emot”) and then the section “Change sending address” (Swedish: “Ändra avsändaradress”). Settings that your IT department needs to add have a red symbol in front of them.

If all the required settings have a green symbol, you don’t need to do anything!

The instructions may look something like this:

This is how you change data centers from the US to the EU

These changes needs to be done for all your inboxes at Kundo!

  1. Copy or take a screen shot of the instructions under “Change sending address” (Swedish: “Ändra avsändaradress”) and send it along with this guide to your IT-department

  2. Send an email to support@kundo.se when your IT-department has made the changes. You can use the subject line “Mailgun: Migration to the EU”

  3. Kundo performs the switch on our end and will notify you when it’s done.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact support@kundo.se

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