Create a sender address in Kundo Mail with whitelabel


Whitelabel – Send mail from Kundo with your own domain 

By default, the email is sent from the address you forward to. With the example above, email will be sent from "jobb.example.com@mail.kundo.se".

If you want to hide this, you can do so by giving Kundo permission with our "whitelabel"-solution. The settings that need to be made can be found under "Settings > Send & Receive > Use sender address".

On this page you can find the DNS settings that your IT department needs to add for your domain. These DNS settings tell receiving mail servers that Kundo's mail servers are allowed to send mail containing your domain.

These changes will only need to be made once per domain, and therefore do not need to be made if you add new inboxes to the same domain in the future.

(Making these DNS changes is not a requirement as Kundo Mail will work even without them, but the receiver can see that you are using Kundo)

Step 1: Go to Settings > Send & receive > Use sender address

Here you can see a list of the DNS settings that your IT department needs to set up for your domain.

This is done on a subdomain of your main domain, e.g. mgeu.example.com, so that there will be no conflicts if you already have other email services set up.

Step 2: After the DNS settings are completed

After your IT department has set up the DNS settings, the checkboxes on the page will turn green as soon as our servers discovers that they have been given the correct value. It can take anywhere between 10 minutes and up to 24 hours before the DNS settings reach our services.

After all the checkboxes are green, you can click the "Activate" button to complete the last step.

When you click on the "Activate" button, Kundo's system double-checks that everything looks right, and makes sure that new outgoing emails get your inbox address as the sender. Feel free to test that everything works as expected!

If you have any questions or encounter problems, you can contact support@kundo.se and we will help you with your issue.