How does the forum widget work?


You can use the forum widget to display questions from the forum on your own website. You can find the code to enter by going to the forum's settings and selecting the Widget option.

Types of widgets

Latest feedback - This selection shows the most recent public posts in the forum.

Most viewed post - This selection shows the posts that have the most number of new comments.

Category - This selection shows the most recent public posts in the selected forum category.

What appears in the widget does not match the forum homepage

There are several things that work together to ensure that the widget does not show the same data as the start page in the forum or what you expect. When it comes to popular posts, it is displayed in slightly different ways between the start page and the widget, on the forum start page, page views are used while in the widget the number of comments is used.

In addition, the data displayed by the widget will always be old. We do not show live data in the widget but recalculate it every 3 hours (12, 15, 18, etc.), then we take a snapshot of the comments in the posts and use it to calculate how popular it is.

For each loading of the widget, we also cache the data for 30 minutes. This means that we remember exactly what the widget looked like and store it for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, it is updated again.

Together, this means that the data displayed by the widget can be up to 3 hours and 30 minutes old.

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