SSO with ADFS via OpenID Connect


To get started with SSO login to Kundo with your ADFS, contact us at support@kundo.se with the settings needed.

In summary, you need to send us three values:

  1. Client ID - Created in the instructions below
  2. Client Secret - Created in the instructions below
  3. OpenID Connect Discovery URL for your ADFS - Found under AD FS > Services> Endpoints> OpenID Connect.

If you can, you are also welcome to send information about a test user, so we have can help verify the setup before we activate it for you in Kundo. 

Step-by-step instructions

1. Go to AD FS Management> Application groups> Add application group.

2. Add a new application group with "Server application accessing a web API"

3. Add "https://auth.kundo.se/oauth2/callback/" as a Redirect URI.

4. Select "Generate a shared secret" and copy the value.

5. Fill in "http://kundo.se" as Identifier on the next screen.

6. Select "Permit everyone", or what suits your setup (this can be changed afterwards).

7. Make sure "openid" and "profile" are checked in the scopes list:

8. Done!

Send the information to us at support@kundo.se and we will proceed with the set-up of the login integration.

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