Integrate Kundo with your case management system


If you use your own case management system in parallel with Kundo, there are several ways to integrate both systems. 

The typical flow allows you to see that posts have come into Kundo’s case management system, so you only need to monitor the flow in one place.

The person monitoring the case management system clicks through to Kundo from the case, resolves the case there, and then goes back to the case management system and marks it as dealt with before moving on to the next case. This means cases from Kundo can be managed in the same way as other cases.

There are two ways to access this workflow in Kundo; integration via e-mail and through customisation. 

Integration via e-mail

Most case management systems can receive cases via e-mail. When new posts coming into Kundo are sent as e-mails to the case management system, everything can be managed in one place.

Implementing the integration in Kundo is simple:

  1.  Set up a new editor/user in Kundo using the e-mail address of the case management system.

  2. Then turn on notifications for new posts for the user in Kundo.

The user will now receive an e-mail every time a new post comes in, and this will be sent on to the case management system.


If you want closer integration this is also possible, as a customised integration. This could, for example, involve specific fields in an external system being filled in automatically. Please contact us if this is of interest to you! We charge for integration as a consultancy cost for actual time spent.

We have implemented integrations in this way with Telia Ace (formerly Telia CallGuide) and Visma Ciceron, but the same method works with numerous different systems.

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