Integrate Kundo with external customer survey tools


Kundo has the capability to integrate with customer survey tools from both Brilliant and Quicksearch. This makes it simple for our shared customers to link Kundo to their services. 

About Brilliant and Quicksearch

Brilliant Navigator and Quicksearch are used to perform customer surveys that are sent out to the user. In their systems you can set up the questions to be sent out and thus build a form that the user then fills in. Kundo’s integration uses e-mail to the user as the contact channel.

About Kundo’s integration

Three of our modules support these integrations: Mail, Forum and Chat. Using them does not cost any extra for customers at Professional level. For other customers, please contact us to discuss a suitable arrangement. 

In order for the customer survey tool to know when it is time to send an e-mail to a user, we apply the following set of rules:

  • Kundo sends a notification to the customer survey tool after a certain length of time has passed since the latest action in a case. Typically this is 48 hours, but this can be adjusted as needed. 

  • For channels that handle multiple messages per case (e.g. Forum), notifications are sent to the customer survey tool just once per conversation, and then to the user who started the conversation, not to any users that subsequently joined the conversation. We keep track of the process to ensure that we never send more than one notification for a conversation.

  • In order for the customer survey tool to be able to link user feedback to the right editor, we include the editor’s e-mail address in the message. If several editors have been involved in the same conversation (Forum, Mail), we include the last editor’s e-mail address.

  • Ref_code is a parameter that is included and can be used to link user feedback to where it came from. For Mail and Chat, this is simply the inbox/chat flow, while for Forum, we include the forum category applicable to the discussion.

  • The address of the relevant Kundo conversation is also included, so it is easy to refer back to the discussion relating to the case.

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