Point your own subdomain to the forum or knowledge base


In order to use your own subdomain for your forum or knowledge base at Kundo you need to do the following:

FORUM: Create a CNAME record for your chosen subdomain (example: forum.yourcustomdomain.se) in your DNS settings that points to kundo.se.

KNOWLEDGE: Create a CNAME record for your chosen subdomain (example: faq.yourcustomdomain.se) in your DNS settings that points to knowledge.kundo.se.

It can take up to 24 hours for the DNS settings to take effect. When you see a securityerror page when you go to the new subdomain forum.yourcustomdomain.se, please contact at support@kundo.se and we will make the necessary settings to setup a SSL certificate for your domain and point your new domain to the correct forum/knowledge base.

Your existing URL at Kundo will still work after the subdomain has been setup and will send all requests to the new URL.

Secure Connections

We configure all domains at Kundo to use secure connections with HTTPS. We do this as a standard and you as a customer does not need to do anything.

We are able to do custom solutions as well in case you have specific requirements regarding the usage of HTTPS. This can for example be "Extended Validation" on your certificates etc.

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