Forwarding emails to your inbox in Kundo Mail


To receive and handle incoming email in Kundo, you must first forward emails to a special adress at Kundo. 

This is performed by your own IT department by forwarding your own email address (jobb@lillestad.se) towards your new email address inside Kundo (jobb.lillestad.se@mail.kundo.se). This is normally done by your IT department, for example in Microsoft 365 Admin Center or in the Google Suite Admin.

While applying the forwarding settings you should consider if your want to leave a local copy of each email on your email server. This can be useful as a backup or transition period, if you would like to revert the process of how you will be answering your emails.

Once the forwarding is set up, send an email to the inbox address to verify that everything is set up correctly and that the incoming email can be seen in Kundo.

If you would like to have multiple addresses that should deliver emails to the same inbox in Kundo, you forward the emails to the same address as before. For example, if the emails to ansokan@lillestad.se should be handled in the same inbox they should also be forwarded to jobb.lillestad.se@mail.kundo.se. 

Note that the sender address in your replies will be the main address you have specified in the settings for the inbox, jobb@lillestad.se in our example.