How will your visitor find your Knowledge base?


For your knowledge base to be successful you need to make sure that your visitors will find their way into the knowledge base. Where on your website is appropriate and what other places outside the website can refer to it. 

First you must decide how the knowledge base will show on your website:

  • Integrate the knowledge base with your website. This option will make the knowledge base feel more like a part of your own website and the customer won't have to leave your website when visiting the knowledge base. 
  • Use a subdomain and add links on your website to direct you visitors to the knowledge base. We recommend that you add the link to the knowledge base on all the places where you have any other contact details displayed e.g., on the 'Contact us' -page and the footer.
  • Add a widget. A widget works like a pocketformat of the knowledge base and it is located in the corner of you website. The widget is available on all pages on your website so that your customers can access the information where ever they are. This can be combined with the other options.

Talk to your Customer Success Manager or email customer@kundo.se to get more information of how to proceed with the option that you choose.

Besides your website, on what other places will you be referring to the knowledge base? Think about your customers behavior today - how do they normally contact you? We have complied a list of recommendations of where to refer to the knowledge base:

  • App - if you have an app, don't forget to add a link there
  • Mail & Chat - Refer to the guides in the knowledge base when you are answering emails and chats. You then teach your customers that they can find most answers themselves  and you don't have to answer the same questions over and over. Also add links to the guides in your 'canned answers' in your emails.
  • Newsletters - if you send out newsletter it is a great idea to add a link to the knowledge base in there.
  • Voicemail - Refer to the knowledge base when customers are calling in eg., "Did you know that we have a knowledge base with answers to the most common questions. Go to www.knowledgebase.company.com and search for your answer there".
  • Signatures and in acknowledgement of receipt - Add the link to your knowledge base in your email signature and in the acknowledgement of receipt to drive traffic.

For your staff: Use the knowledge base to assist the staff when they are working in Kundo dashboard.

If you have an internal or external knowledge base you can swap Kundo's knowledge base to your own. This will give you direct access to all your guides in Kundo dashboard.

To choose which knowledge base you want on your dashboard:

1. Click on the three lines in the blue meny

2. Click on the cogwheel

3. Choose Dashboard

4. Select which knowledge base you want in the widget

5. Save!