3. Add support links and status message


Customer support links are links to other help pages in the top bar of the forum. Links typically point to your FAQ, blog, Facebook or Twitter account.

Adding support links:

1. Click on the three lines in the blue menu

2. Select the Settings for the correct channel

3. Choose Customer support links

4. Choose Type (e.g., Facebook, webpage, email etc.), add Link text and enter the Url/e-mail/phone

The support links are at the top of your knowledge base and are filled in from the right. If you have multiple links, those that do not fit in the list will be placed under a small menu at the right edge. In the mobile view, all support links will be placed under such a menu.

Status message

Status message is great to use to let your customers know that you are for example experiencing som technical difficulties or something that you know will cause an influx of incoming questions.

You add it to your Knowledge base by clicking on the three lines in the blue menu --> choose Settings for the correct channel --> click on Status message.

Write the message and click on save. Go back to your Knowledge base and it should appear on the front page: