2. Set the basic settings for Kundo Knowledge base


Here are general settings for the knowledge base, you can, among other things, decide what your knowledge base should be called, write a descriptive text that will be used by the search engines and change the language of the knowledge base

To set set the basic settings: click on the three lines in the blue menu --> select Settings for the Knowledge base --> choose Basic settings:

Knowledge bank name: What should your knowledge base be called? The name you give is what will appear on the start page of the knowledge base.

Company name: Your company name, which will also appear as the sender of the guide.

Text in search field: What text should the search box have, this is where the visitors search for information.

Email adress for contact form: If you choose to use the email form as a contact route, it's to this address that the email will be sent.

Description: This is a text that will appear as a description when you link to your knowledge bank on e.g. social media or in search engines.

Domain for knowledge base: What address does the knowledge base have?

Language: What language should your knowledge base be in?

Forum: If you also use the module Kundo Forum, you can connect them so that the search function in the knowledge bank also searches the forum.

Visibility in search engines and business listings: Should your knowledge base be visible if people search on for example Google?